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Mission Statement

I seek to be an advocate for those in the disability community who feel invisible or forgotten.

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Meet Cyndi with Clear Vision Ministry

Meet Cyndi, she is a wife and mother and fur baby mama, and married to her best friend and life partner Jeremy for 24 years. Cyndi resides in the suburbs in the Mid-West but her heart has always been in the south. She is involved in various ministries at her church and loves to share Jesus with others while digging deep into God’s word. She has spent the last 20 years raising her two children and is now on the threshold of empty-nesting. As the babes leave the nest with wings spread to fly, Cyndi feels it’s time to spread her own wings in writing.

Though she has always loved the written word, she only took up writing more professionally in the last few years. Her passions rest in the writing community as well as the disabled community. At nine years old she was diagnosed with a relatively rare retinal disease that would slowly but progressively get worse over time. It left her with only 10% eyesight, which is mostly cloudy. As a blind woman, she desires to be a mouth piece for those who feel they have no voice. Choosing to be known as “other-abled” rather than disabled, Cyndi has a conviction to come along side others in this capacity and help others engage with the other-abled community in a respectable and honorable way.

As Cyndi enters into the second half of life, her dreams are to become a published author, have a speaking ministry to be God’s instrument, see her children walking with the Lord and to grow old with her husband of twenty-two years. “I’ll quit ministry when I quit breathing” she says. She loves music, reading, waterfalls and fountains, a good cup of coffee and the word of God. Her bucket list includes visiting Ireland, parasailing, and dipping her feet in the Sea of Galilee. Her lack of sight gives her clear vision for life. Cyndi tries to live by one of her favorite verses found in 2 Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” As Stargardt’s disease tries to rob Cyndi of her sight, she will not relinquish her vision.

My Goal

My goal is to offer experiential information and practical ideas for those who have little to no experience with the disability community, and to help them be engaging and respectful in the workplace, church, schools, or even at home.

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Understanding Disability

A three-part, one-hour seminar series designed to help educate and inspire people to embrace and include those with disabilities.

Sensitivity and Disability

A “how to” guide on assisting and language when engaging with the disability community. Learn about person first language and how to use it to help people feel valued as a person and not labeled by the disability.

Individuality and Disability

Here we discuss how each and every person with a disability is unique, and has specific needs, abilities, limitations, or situations. Learning this will help to not group everyone together we encounter who has a disability assuming everyone has the same life.

Opportunity in Disability

Suggestions on how to be more inclusive to the disability community. Discover useful and practical ways to include those of various abilities and limitation. It is vital we have a level playing field for everyone we are working and speaking with.

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My Next Seminar

I’ll be speaking at the Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, Michigan on Sunday, May 21, 2023.

My seminar is interactive, and audience participation is greatly encouraged. A useful simulation exercise is shared, as well as tangible reminders for takeaways. Handouts are provided and there is a Q & A session at the end of each seminar.


Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs


May 21


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